How to tell someone you have herpes?

with the stigma attached with herpes, people find it very difficult to convey their feelings. Things become more complicated when you fall in love with someone who doesn’t have herpes. Having ‘the talk’ is definitely a way out of this, but fear of rejection is something that makes people avoid such discussions. According to experts, a person living with herpes should always maintain transparency and be upfront about her herpes status right in the beginning. On the other hand, timing does play a crucial role in this context.

Don’t reveal your herpes status over text: This is the worst way of having ‘the talk’ with your partner. When you're discussing something that can shape your future, make it a point to speak face to face. This has a two – fold advantage – firstly, your partner wouldn’t think of you as a coward and secondly, his / her body language would give you a better idea of what is going in the person’s mind.

Find a secluded place to have a discussion: Planning to have a discussion at a rock concert is certainly a recipe for disaster. It is vital that you understand the gravity of the situation and find a place that isn't very crowded. Also, see to it that there aren't many distractions around as that would ruin the purpose of having a discussion.

The right time to talk: At what stage of the relationship should you reveal about your herpes diagnosis? Should you speak about it on the first date or give your partner some time to know you before making a confession? Well, according to industry experts, the perfect time to make the revelation is usually between the 3rd and 5th date, when you know something about each other and your potential partner would be able to determine the kind of impact the STD would have on the relationship.

If you think that making a confession about your herpes condition would prove to be extremely difficult, you should certainly consider joining a specialist herpes dating site as every person on this website is living with herpes. Therefore, there wouldn’t be any need to have the talk regarding your herpes status. Moreover, it is likely that you’d share a better chemistry as there is already something in common between the two.

Regardless of the situation, you'd have to discuss about your medical history in order to maintain a certain degree of transparency in the relationship.