Living with herpes: Misdiagnosed twice cannot destroy my confidence

According to the data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, herpes simplex virus is extremely common and affects about 40 – 50 million adults in the United States alone. The virus is primarily classified into two – herpes simplex virus I and herpes simplex virus 2. While the former causes oral herpes or cold sores, the latter leads to a condition referred to as genital herpes.

Herpes can be transmitted through any kind of sexual activity such as oral, rectal and vaginal contact. Given the nature of the virus, it can also be spread through direct contact, especially when the infected individual is experience ‘viral shedding’. This is the story of a person who has been living with genital herpes for about two and a half months.

“I contracted herpes from a friend. Despite using condoms every single time we got intimate, the virus got transmitted. In fact, he didn’t know about the condition until I told him about it,” she said. It is a well-established fact that the herpes virus is asymptomatic in nature and people living with it seldom show any symptoms of the infection. This is why herpes transmission is so common and affects a large number of people across the globe.

“Since my primary diagnosis wasn’t typical, I was misdiagnosed. The symptoms were close to the thigh area and appeared like rashes. Besides, my blood tests came out to be negative for HSV – 1 and HSV – 2. Indeed, I was told I had folliculitis.”

Drugs: Acyclovir is said to be the effective in case of outbreaks. Depending on the severity of the symptoms and how often they appear, your healthcare provider would suggest a different dosage. It is worth mentioning that acyclovir isn't associated with any major side effects and is largely considered safe for use.

Advice to others living with herpes: Having herpes isn't the end of the world. Although you might have to incorporate a great deal of changes in your lifestyle, it would have very little impact on your life. Apart from the occasional outbreaks and the medication, there wouldn’t be any way that would remind you of herpes. People with herpes continue to live an absolutely normal life. However, if you're in a relationship with someone, the equation would change a bit and you'd be advised to follow precaution so as to avoid transmission of the virus to another individual.

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