The truth about dating sites for people with STDs

Dating sites for people with STDs have become immensely popular over the years and the increasing rate of STD cases has certainly contributed to this. This eventually made way to the inception of online dating sites targeted towards people with sexually transmitted infections. It is worth noting that some sexually transmitted infections are curable while others are not, particularly those caused by a virus.

Although STD dating sites were launched with a noble intention, they eventually became a subject of controversy. But do dating sites for people living with an STD stand up to their tall claims? Read on to find out:

  • Not all sites are the same: Every website available on the market that promises to bring together STD singles is different. While there are larger organizations that manage two or more dating platforms, no two sites are likely to be identical. This means your unpleasant experience on one website wouldn’t translate to bad experience on another. This is why dating experts suggest users to check out reviews in order to determine the effective and genuineness of a dating site prior to joining.

  • They do have scammers: While most modern dating sites claim to sport top notch algorithms that filter out scammers from genuine users, they aren't 100 percent effective. A person with thorough understanding of anti – spam filters would still be able to dodge this and pretend to be a genuine user of the website. It is advised you check out all the safety guidelines in order to avoid getting humiliated, scammed or cheated.

  • They generally have a decent membership base of STD singles: Well, this is probably the USP of these sites. It can be said that dating sites for people with STDs provide people with an ideal platform where they can connect with like – minded singles who no longer wish to be judged based on their STD status but on their personality and other traits. When you connect with other STD singles, you no longer have to explain your condition or justify how you got infected.

  • They allow users to remain anonymous: Unless you choose to join a completely free of charge STD dating site, all your personal information would be hidden from other users. Leading STD dating sites understand the sensitivity of the issue and the stigma attached with sexually transmitted infections. This is why, websites like provide safe exit options and the option to remain anonymous for as long as you wish to.

We hope this articles clear all your misconceptions pertaining to online STD dating.