What It's Like to Be Young, Single, and STI Positive

Dating can be very confusing at times. It leaves many of us in a weird and difficult situation and adding Herpes, or STD adds a new level of difficulty to the dating life. It feels like you have entered a formula1 race with your bicycle.

But is it really that difficult to date with herpes? The statistics say that, one of every six people in the age of “14 to 69” has Herpes.Now, that is a big number. Let’s look at what really happens when you date, being an STD single.

  • The fear: Most people with the virus shun their social life while others are shy and ashamed to open up about the virus. It freaks them out to tell their dates about their virus. The thing that, if you have a virus you are constantly under pressure and you worry that the other person might judge you.

  • Meeting potential Dates: Herpes dating can be difficult at times, as it is hard to find people who will be ok with you being affected. STD singles can now meet potential dates at Herpes dating sites and they can avoid awkward situations that occur on a date. It takes away the fear that you have of acceptance in your mind.

  • The experience: There are times when your treats you in a way you do not deserve. But, in case you have a partner and you have ill-treated them because of the virus, there is simply no excuse for it. But, the good part is that your virus can literally be your relationship litmus test. If the person you are dating sticks by, you will know that you have the right partner.

  • The overcoming: It differs from individual to individual. But, your partner should know about the virus from you. And, you put your partner in a difficult position, hence, you should be apologizing for it to your partner. Letting them know is important because you must be using condoms while having sex and you will eventually be thankful to your partner and yourself that the virus has made you a great partner.

You should always know that Herpes or any STD is just a skin disease that is very common. You should not neglect or do away with your social and dating life because of it. STD can be cured and what matters the most is a relationship is “ who you are as a person?”